A downloadable redVsBlue for Windows

  • Red Vs. Blue Is A 2D Platformer Were There are Powerups, You Have The Goal Of Killing All The Blues, & Learn New Things Yourself With Text On Screen Telling You What The Items Do, How You Use Is Up To YOU.

Current/Newest Version : V1.0.5 (V2)

Update! 5/18/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.0)

  • New Textures On Some Objects
  • 1 New Level (Now There's 11 Instead Of 10)

Update! 5/20/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.1)

  • Save & Load Feature
  • 1 New Level (Now There's 12 Levels Instead Of 11)
  • Some Stats Have Been Increased

Update! 5/30/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.2)

  • Proper Main Menu (Or Start Menu)
  • New Textures On 3 Objects
  • 1 New Level (Now There's 13 Instead Of 12)
  • 1 New Enemy
  • Game Now Released (Not Beta Anymore)

Update! 6/15/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.3)

  • Added Player Editor (You Can Choose To Be Blue Or Red, When You Change Between Blue Or Red So Does The Game!)
  • 1 New Level (Now There's 14 Instead Of 13)
  • Fixed A Few Bugs
  • 1 New Enemy

Update! 6/16/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.3) (V2)

  • The Start Menu Looks A Bit Different
  • Fixed Bug: When You Chose Blue On The Player Editor & You Got A Powerup After The Powerup Ran Out You Turned Red Again

Update! 6/23/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.4)

  • Fixed 3 Bugs
  • Added Logo At Start Of Game

Update! 6/28/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.5)

  • UI Changes - The UI Now Looks "Next-Gen"
  • Controls Have Been Changed To Arrow Keys Instead Of WASD

Update! 7/1/2015 (M/D/Y) (V1.0.5) (V2)

  • Bug Fixes - Over 5 Bugs Fixed - NO BUGS - CHECKED

More information

Published1 year ago
Tags012, new, Platformer, red-vs-blue
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

To Install Red Vs. Blue You Just Have To Follow These Easy Instructions:

  1. Click [DOWNLOAD]
  2. Double-Click The Downloaded File
  3. Click [RUN]
  4. Click [I AGREE] (After You Have Read The License Agreement)
  5. Select The The Components To Install (Like Desktop Shortcut, etc)
  6. Choose The Location You Want To Install Red Vs. Blue In
  7. Click [INSTALL]
  8. Once Finished Click [NEXT], Then [FINISH]
  9. Finally Double-Click The Installed File And DONE.


RedVsBlueV105-V2.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV100.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV101.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV102.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV103.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV103-V2.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV104.exe (2 MB)
RedVsBlueV105.exe (2 MB)